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At Kelly Dias Accountancy, PLLC, we are more than just tax preparers. We are here to deliver the highest quality of tax preparation service that you deserve.

We take our client relationships personally and strive to tailor our services based on each individual’s specific needs.

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What we do.

Whether you need estate or trust tax preparation, or IRS representation, we have a team equipped with the expertise and dedication to helping. We always meet our deadlines, without exception. We have never had a tax return audited that resulted in an unfavorable outcome in all of our years. You can trust us to thoroughly process and examine your paperwork and achieve the best results for you.

Tax Preparation & Planning

We take a holistic approach to tax services. From tax planning to preparation, we analyze each client to identify tax savings strategies to maximize cash flow and keep you ahead of the curve on your tax liabilities. Our goal is to take the surprise out of tax time so our clients are prepared for what is to come and know that they are doing everything they can to minimize their tax burden.

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Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Estate situations are something that everyone must face. If you receive the proper tax preparation assistance now, you can make it easier for your heirs when the difficult time comes. Our team is well-versed in estate tax preparation and can help guide you through.

By working with your legal counsel, we will structure the estate and trusts to minimize taxes and ensure a smooth transition. We know this can be a difficult matter to address, which is why we encourage you to address it sooner rather than later.

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Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for your business can help you discover areas that need improvement, possible new opportunities, different planning, and decision making. Our team of experts can provide you with a thorough financial analysis with numbers to support, contemplate, or reject a decision.

We can develop a prospective analysis to show you how some situations can unravel in different scenarios. With this method, you can make sound decisions and enhance the prosperity of your business. We can also provide you with detailed and informative financial statements for decision-making.

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Tax Resolution

There is no more dreaded mail than one that says IRS on the envelope. We understand that tax notices are stressful and can be hard to understand – especially when they are related to your return from 2 years ago! This is when you absolutely need a tax professional on your team. We effectively identify the issues that need to be resolved and utilize best practices to develop a plan of resolution.

Our CPAs have extensive experience with tax resolution at the federal and state level. We have assisted with IRS audits, TWC audits, sales tax audits, and DOL audits. This is one area you do not want to go it alone and our expert staff know how to guide you on this trying and often perilous road.

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Retirement Planning

If you are looking for a solid retirement plan or need to develop one for your staff, we can help you decide the best possible option. Retirement planning is critical, which is why we encourage you to evaluate all possible options.

We will always provide you with options that are suited for your lifestyle or business model. Our focus is ensuring you make the choice that is appropriate for your unique situation. Our experts also take into account the legal and compliance issues related to each type of plan.

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